According to the general duties of Employers to their Employees (REG. 8), and employer have to:

  • Provide a safe working environment for their employees before issuing Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Provide information, instructions and training necessary to allow employees to work safely.

Employees are trained to understand any risks or hazards associated with the operation of specific equipment.

A Mobile Elevating Working Platforms (MEWP) is a potentially dangerous working tool and therefore an employee needs to be made aware of the potential dangers and how to avoid it.


The Driven Machinery Regulation number 18, states:

  • MEWP’s must be clearly marked with the maximum safe working load.
  • MEWP’s can only be operated by an operator trained for the specific MEWP.

The General Machinery Regulations states:

(a)  Authorized operators of MEWP’s must be fully aware of the possible dangers while operating MEWP.

It is important to take note of different users of MEWPs and what their needs are with regard to training to competence (which means being a professional and permanent use of a MEWP), or just basic familiarization on a specific make and model of a MEWP for occasional use or on-going use after-sales of a MEWP.


Designated Specialised Access Demonstrator. Must comply with requirements of designation, i.e. be in possession of the following unit standards:

  • Be current in registration with IWH Professional Body against the designation.
  • Only do familiarisation training for companies who are registered members of the IWH Trade
  • Sign a Code of Conduct for IWH registered members


Certificates for familiarization must be applied for at the IWH Prof Body. The following types of familiarization certificates are available:

For Rental companies: Occasional Users

For Sales: On-going users

What this certificate does not mean: the certificate holder did not complete a competency certificate, merely familiarization on the make and model of the machine.

  • On-going
  • Occasional users
  1. Familiarization training: Only an IWH Prof Body approved and registered member for the specific familiarization training may apply for a certificate booklet. The certificate booklet will be issued to the person in his/her name the person takes full accountability for the booklet. No uploads will be done of candidates for familiarization training to the IWH database, but the candidate’s info, i.e. full names and ID number, will be kept on the counterfoil of the certificate booklet as well as the date of expiry. This will be kept at the provider’s site in safekeeping and can be requested for audit purposes by the IWH Prof Body. Familiarization certificates will only be valid for a period of 3 months.