1. This constitutional document is a product of the Institute for Work at Height’s (here in after “IWH”) desire to align both trade and professional body so as to optimize effectiveness in its set objectives.
  2. It should be noted that this document forms the primary scope and delineation of the entity’s memorandum of incorporation to be developed in due course. This by implication aligns all salient matters with the companies’ Act of.
  3. The intent of the organizational structure defined is to adequately distribute power whilst maintaining operational to this end the organizational structure closely resemble that of a federal system. In the tradition of the separation of powers doctrine, the IWH will be organized in the following branches:


  1. The Judicial Branch consisting of the Constitutional Council, which will function as the adviser to the NEC in regard to constitutional matters, arbitration of differences between chambers and other organizations within the framework of the IWH and as adjudicator of appeals in disciplinary matters between chambers and their member
  2. The Institute for Work at Height is the recognized entity in Southern Africa, Africa, and the world for working safely and effectively at height.
  3. Our members derive value from the collective knowledge base, aligned industry representation, trusted quality standards and professional affiliation.
  4. We save lives by ensuring correct training standards and best practice methods are disseminated to all members through the most effective channels of communication.
  5. Affiliation with our Professional Body enhances the practitioners’ safety, efficiency, and consequent value in the labour market.
  6. Our service orientation is above reproach and sets the standard for all our stakeholders.


  1. We endeavour to be representative of the work at height population of South Africa, Africa and the world respectively
  2. We aid the applicable legislative entities in improving safety at height by disseminating relevant information to the population
  3. We Will Build Our Professional Body to be the Recognized Professional Affiliation in Industry and the Quality Partner for Government as Legislated.
  4. The Entity Is Viable and Operates Within Internationally Benchmarked Best Practices.
  5. The IWH Subscribes to Good Governance Based on Strong Espoused Values Being Serving, Transparency, Honesty, Integrity, Inclusiveness, Empowering and Equality.


Voting Members: Industry Representatives

Non-Voting Members:



Honorary membership:

Honorary membership is the IWH’s  highest honour.  It is conferred on a person whose contribution towards the IWH or a closely related field is so outstanding that it is of lasting importance to the advancement of the whole field of working at height service in South Africa.  It is intended to honour the individual’s high level of personal commitment and achievement.

Voting Rights:

The IWH Function as a Federal Authority and the following aspects are irrevocably ceded to the IWH’ s exclusive jurisdiction:

Chamber Office Bearers:

Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

Limits of Authority:

Term of Office:



The President:

Limits of Authority:

Term of Office:




Constitutional Council

Term of Office:


Geographical Challenges with Meetings and Voting

Conflict of Interest


National Council Accounts:



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