Membership Benefits

Bring Business & Labour Together

The IWH represents two distinct sectors within its membership: Individuals – who are qualified and who operate within the work at height industry – and businesses – that provide products and services within the industry. As such, it facilitates bringing together two of the main entities that play a role in developing regulatory frameworks namely business and labour.


For example: When the state develops new regulations that affect the work at height sector, the IWH ensures an easy and inclusive pathway for the government to interact with and engage industry in terms of business and labour.

Economic Consultation

Before promulgating new laws, part of its due diligence requires the government to engage in economic consultations with industry. This ensures that major economic setbacks as a result of far-reaching new legislation, are prevented.

For example: When changes are brought about within the licensing and recognition processes of trained persons – and such changes have a significant economic impact – the IWH can facilitate economic consultations within the industry and provide direct feedback to government on the proposed changes. In so doing, the State is saving time and effort while ensuring streamlined legislation.

Broad Consultation

Broad consultation is a requirement within any process with far-reaching consequences, particularly as far as legislation is concerned. The IWH can prove a key partner in any broad consultation process where safety at height is concerned.

For example, when new training/competence modules are developed, the IWH brings together all stakeholders from individuals, to subject matter experts to business and labour.

Proactive Participant in new or Changed Legislation

The IWH plays an active role in bringing the industry together in the work at height sector – a hugely important sector of the Construction Industry – and in acting as a voice for the industry. It has the advantage of being on the forefront of emerging matters through serving as a platform of engagement for different stakeholders in the industry, and in doing so, it has a finger on the pulse of this sector of the industry. By virtue of this position, the IWH is the perfect partner and a proactive participant in the development of new legislation as well as legislation that is being changed.

For example: The IWH has been and remains pivotal in ensuring the requirements of industry is taken into on matters pertaining to work at height in the Construction Regulations and the Driven Machinery Regulations.


As a platform for the different stakeholders of the industry, the IWH facilitates the effective reach required for engaging in regulatory matters.

For example: All the stakeholders affected by a particular piece of legislation – from the individual practitioner, through to the business unit, the training provider, and the client – is made accessible and placed within reach through the IWH for effective consultation and engagement.

General Awareness/ Learning as per Practice

With its wide range of stakeholders being centralised and made accessible through the IWH, it proves itself as an invaluable and key partner for spreading general awareness in regulatory matters. At the same time, it ensures that subject matter experts can become involved to provide their expertise – where required – in regulatory and legislative matters.

For example: When new Regulations are being developed and public comment is sought, the IWH can act as a value-adding partner in ensuring that industry is made aware of the process & encouraged to participate. Similarly, when in such a process input is required from industry experts, the IWH can ensure that the necessary experts are engaged to assist where required.

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