IWH CODE: 199/2015

Global Spec, established in 1991, has a proven track record in providing independent, professional non-destructive testing (NDT) specializing in the marine industry. We always keep the safety of our Client’s personnel into account as well as assuring that the quality of the equipment inspected conforms to, or surpasses the requirements of the specification of the equipment. Global Spec is built on the experience of its people and many of our technicians were all previously artisans. The advantage of this of course being that their knowledge, understanding and practicality of the work they’re conducting is invaluable and sets us apart from our competitors. We have a permanent complement of personnel and can also mobilise additional manpower should the need arise. While based in Cape Town, Global Spec provides its services, not only within South Africa, but also worldwide in counties such as Namibia, Singapore, Vietnam, France, Angola, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and various African countries on the West & East coast of Africa. One of our greatest achievements is the repairs and re-certification survey of more than 2 million meters of stud link mooring chain for the offshore oil exploration and diamond mining industries, a feat never accomplished before in Southern Africa. We also designed and built our own stud press machine for loose studs not requiring welding.



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