This procedures and guidelines document is intended to ensure consistency, fairness and business efficiency concerning the CPD process. It should be followed with due care and accuracy and all appropriate data must be recorded and saved for audit purposes.


In this document, unless the context otherwise indicates –

i) “Accredited provider” means a SDP (Skills Development Provider) accredited by the QCTO or delegated Quality Assurance Body (SETA ETQA’s);

ii) “IWH PB recognized provider” means an accredited SDP registered and recognized by the IWH PB to provide suitable skills development programmes and workshops as well as continuous professional development programmes for Work at Height professionals to stay updated with their professional status.

iii) “Continuing professional development” also referred to as “CPD” means the ongoing development and improvement of a practitioner’s knowledge, skills and workplace experience to ensure growth and continued excellence as a professional in the service provided by the practitioner as required by the code of ethics of the IWH BP;

iv) “Cycle period” means a period of 36 months commencing at the calendar month in which the practitioner was registered and cycle will end with the expiry date;

v) “Expiry date” means the date occurring 36 calendar months after the date of registration of the practitioner;

vi) “Institute for Work at Height Professional Body” also referred to as “IWH PB” means the Professional body as registered with SAQA.


The scope of this guideline document includes the effective management of the assessment and quality assurance procedure as a whole and includes the following activities:

  1. Criteria for CPD
  2. Evaluation of evidence
  3. Registration and re-registration of a practitioner


The CPD system functions in cycles of three years. This period corresponds to the period of validity of the certificate and ‘Permit to Operate’ issued to the practitioner.

The three-year cycle of each practitioner commences on the anniversary of the date of which such practitioner was registered by the IWH PB, which date appears on the practitioner’s certificate of registration and ‘Permit to Operate’, and which date also constitutes the expiry date, as defined in these rules when such practitioner is required to apply for renewal of his/her registration. The date on which a practitioner has been registered is also obtainable from the IWH PB Website, under “Validate a Practitioner”.

During each cycle of three years, every practitioner must accumulate CPD Points in order to qualify for renewal of his/her registration.

A registered practitioner may not accumulate less than the required CPD Points per registration cycle but may accumulate additional CPD points if they so wish, however the additional points cannot be transferred to the next cycle.


Please see Addendum C for the exact CPD Points per Designation. The total number of CPD Points consists of a fixed total of Compulsory points, which will mostly consist of a re-assessment, as well as an option to choose from a number of optional activities to make up the total of CPD points required for re-registration.


Recording of a registered practitioners’ CPD Activities

Unless exempted in terms of these rules, CPD activities should be recorded in the following manner:

  1. Rope Access practitioners will receive an IWH PB logbook where the practitioner has to log the working hours and/or relevant activities as specified for CPD. The Logbook has to be shown to the CPD Training Provider and a copy of the final hours or activities logged will be kept as evidence/proof.
  2. Other practitioners can provide proof of work hours as per the letter from employer or a CV.
  3. Assessors will record the evidence of the re-assessment on the IWH PB prescribed re-assessment instruments.
  4. The Training Provider will on behalf of the practitioner complete the CPD Activity Log Sheet – see PROCEDURES FOR REGISTRATION OF PRACTITIONER PROCESS and hand it in at the training provider where the CPD Assessment and/or Refresher Course and/or CPD programme will be conducted.

The upkeep of the Logbook and the logging of individual CPD activities is mainly the responsibility of the practitioner, but recognized training providers can assist practitioners in this regard.

Except for the practitioner themselves, only IWH PB recognized training providers will be allowed to verify practitioners’ CPD activities, and written verification from such training providers will be recognized as sufficient evidence.

Where a CPD activity was provided by any other practitioner/ training provider or organisation who is not a recognized training provider, approval of such CPD activity has to be submitted to the IWH PB Skills and Ratification Committee for approval.


Random audits will be conducted at the IWH PB recognized training provider sites, but the IWH PB can in the  event of irregularities request a registered practitioner to send,  within  four  weeks  of  receiving  notification  to  this  effect, documentary evidence of his or her CPD activities.

The IWH PB must advise the recognized training provider and/or the registered practitioners (if applicable), within 30 days after completion of an audit, of the outcome of such audit.

Although IWH PB recognized training providers will also keep evidence as proof of CPD activities of their specific enrolled practitioners, every registered practitioner must retain documentary evidence of all CPD activities undertaken during each 3-year cycle, and be able to present such evidence when requested by the IWH PB to do so. Such evidence must be retained for at least 5 years.

 If during  an audit  a recognized training provider and/or the registered  practitioner  is assessed  as having  failed  to meet the requirements or irregularities are spotted,  the record and verification  documentation  of the training provider and/or practitioner  must be referred to the Skills and Ratification Committee for a decision regarding remedial steps, but such training provider and/or candidate will automatically be earmarked for re-audit during the next year.


A registered practitioner must at least three months before the prescribed expiry date of his/her registration, approach an IWH PB recognized training provider with his/her Logbook and/other CPD evidence and arrange to attend a re-assessment/refresher course or whatever will be necessary to be able to be re-registered as a practitioner.

The IWH PB recognized training provider will do a screening of the CPD activities and/or Logbook of the registered practitioner and advise the practitioner of the additional activities needed for re-registration. A re-assessment is mostly required as a compulsory option for CPD. (The registered practitioner is welcome to contact the IWH PB at any times if he/she does not agree with the recognized training providers’ assessment on his/her CPD activities and/or recommendation on acquiring additional evidence).

The Training Provider will record each practitioner’s attendance of a CPD programme electronically on the BMS within 3 months of attending the programme.

When re-registering the practitioners again after three years, the Training Provider will upload the practitioners’ re-assessment results as well as a copy of the CPD Recording Form for each practitioner. The Training Provider will use the IWH CPD Re-registration Form – Addendum B to upload the practitioners’ evidence of CPD to the IWH PB on the BMS  

Upon receiving all the necessary uploads from the recognized training provider, a quality check on the evidence will be conducted and the IWH PB will re-register the practitioner. A new certificate and ‘Permit to Operate’ card will be issued to the registered practitioner.

If the IWH PB is convinced that the practitioner has failed to comply with the criteria for re-registration, the applicant must be advised of the decision as well as of the implications flowing there from within 30 days from the date on which the decision was made.


Only IWH PB recognized training providers can apply to offer CPD Activities unless otherwise specified by IWH PB Board.

The IWH PB reserves the right to approve CPD activities as applied for by other Professional Body’s, Organisations, Manufacturers, etc relevant to the Work at Height Industry, etc. These can be done by applying directly to the IWH PB and will be approved by the S&R Committee. CPD points allocated to these activities will be determined by the IWH PB on a one-on-one basis and to the discretion of the IWH PB.

Re-assessment as CPD activity will be set by the relevant chamber and registered with the IWH PB as the approved Board Assessment for the specific designation.

Recognized Training Providers can submit potential CPD activities to the IWH PB for approval. See Addendum A for allocation of CPD points per activity/programme.

The IWH PB will require a minimal administration fee for the registration of CPD activities.

In approving CPD activities, training providers must ensure that the following aspects are covered:

a) The activity should serve to maintain or enhance the knowledge, skills and competence of all those who participate in it.

b) The activity should meet an educational and developmental need and provide an effective learning experience for the participant

d) The depth  and  breadth  of  the  subject  matter  covered  must  be  appropriate  with sufficient time for discussion.

e) The subject  covered  should  provide  a  balanced  view  and  should  not  be  unduly promotional.

f) The presenters should have proven practical and academic experience and be good communicator

g) Evaluation forms  for  obtaining  feedback  from  participants  on  the  activity  must  be provided for a rating of the relevance, quality and effectiveness of the activity.

The CPD activities will be registered for a period of 3 years after which the training provider will need to update the programme/re-design, if applicable.

The Training Provider needs to keep records of the Attendance Register and Feedback Forms on the CPD Workshop as evidence in the event of an audit.

Training Providers can upload the practitioner’s attendance to these CPD programmes on the BMS


In the event of a registered practitioner not complying with the requirements of the CPD system, the IWH PB may impose any one or more of the following conditions:

  • Require the registered person to follow an approved remedial programme of continuing professional development within a period prescribed by the IWH PB.
  • Removing the registered person’s name from the relevant register.