IWH CODE: 078/2016

In 1997 we introduced rope access cleaning and have subsequently trained 16 cleaners to become qualified Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 rope technicians accredited by the Institute for Working at Height (IWH).
We follow an affirmative action program and are presently 20% black owned and 80% female owned and are a Level 4 value added contributor. We also like to give back to the community and 95% of our Overberg team are employed from the local community of Hermanus in an effort to combat unemployment in the region. As most of them are from previously disadvantaged backgrounds we feel very strongly about social responsibility. We therefore decided to support Fikelela in 2006 and continue to do so every year. Fikelela has two centres, one in Khayelitsha and one in Ottery where they care for abandoned, abused and orphaned babies and children and nurse them back to health before being found foster homes.
We maintain the highest standard of service by constantly monitoring our various teams to ensure top quality work. Each team has a supervisor, who has a variety of responsibilities, including adherence to health and safety regulations, conduct of our cleaning teams on site, dress code of our staff members, etc. Our supervisors are monitored on a monthly basis and receive monthly incentives for adhering to the company code of conduct and following a safe work ethic. We have formal weekly meetings with our management team and supervisory staff to ensure that the communication channels are kept open and to maintain constant interaction with our staff. This results in the smooth running of our company.



Cape Town


Potia Polsen



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274 Ottery Road, Ottery, Cape Town