West Africa Heightsafety (PTY) Ltd

IWH CODE: IWH 223/2017

West African Height Safety Ltd is a jointly owned subsidiary of Heightsafety South Africa that specializes in supply training, Fall Protection Planning, turnkey Solutions for rope access installations, scaffolding (also consulting and conducting in scaffold erection and inspections), confined space and rigging projects across the African continent and various other countries. Our range of experience include both in the telecommunication, construction, oil and gas (onshore and offshore work) as well as the mining industries.
West Africa Heightsafety Heightsafety Holdings in South Africa in partnership with MP-Infrastructure Ghana provide a network of highly qualified, competent Working at Height trained Technicians as well as high quality consultancy in Working at Height Safety Aspects in Training, PPE, and staff who in turn provide market leading, comprehensive solutions for all technical Working at Height aspects.
In a combined effort we are responsible for the installations and maintenance of permanent engineered solutions as well as temporary installed solutions that provide reliable and quality safe working-at-heights working conditions and to support any and all services relating to the safe working at heights industry.
To advise in the best practices and policies in the working at height industry for safety working at height.

West Africa Heightsafety (PTY) Ltd




Andre van Dyk