Leck & Potgieter Specialist Industrial Maintenance CC

IWH CODE: 156/2013

Leck & Potgieter specializes in rope access solutions for the industrial and marine sectors. Rope Access Systems are designed for fall protection where conventional methods cannot work. Rope Access Systems allow workers to descend, ascend, and traverse ropes while suspended by a harness or work seat. Rope Access Systems require a Dual Rope System, meaning workers must use a back-up rope in case their primary rope system fails. The Dual Rope System is separated into primary and secondary rope systems, which means each worker requires a total of two ropes. In addition to the Dual Rope System, Rope Access Systems require the Buddy System, meaning workers should work in pairs of two. The Buddy System accommodates partner rescue, while the Dual Rope System accommodates interchangeability between the primary and secondary ropes, horizontal movement, and self-rescue. Rope Access Systems also require a minimum of two secure attachment points at all times, one point each to both primary and secondary rope systems.

Leck & Potgieter Specialist Industrial Maintenance CC




Clinton Potgieter