IWH CODE: 144/2012

Goscor Access Solutions is further ahead than anyone else in this business! We wear torn jeans!
So, this means we understand the imperatives that drive your business in these difficult times. These are safety, speed, versatility, convenience, economy …Goscor Access Solutions not only talks-the-talk, but goes to great heights to do so (we promise you will only read this pun once).
Welcome to the world of MEWP! (That is Mobile Elevated Work Platforms. Or, better yet, Powered Access!)
Don’t we just have the coolest machines out there? And there you thought that stuff like ‘working at height’ and ‘access rental’ was for the birds! (If you recall, they thought Superman was a bird. Or was it a plane? In all probability, he was using Powered Access. But we digress).
While getting high can be great fun, we take great pains to ensure we do so in the safest manner possible, with the least risk to life, limb, and the environment. This is not just an empty platitude: Besides having the coolest stuff, Goscor Access Solutions also prides itself on being one of the safest, most responsible and ethical companies out there. With us, you are not only assured of being #1. You will stay #1.
What this means is we strive to eliminate risk and maximise safety at every opportunity. We follow strict international standards in terms of safety and quality. This is what gives us our mojo in terms of our service, maintenance and operator training programmes. And, in case you thought that last bit was corporate ‘blah blah’, it’s not.
It is our promise to you!





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