AO Speight (PTY) Ltd

IWH CODE: IWH 236/2018

A.O. Speight Steeplejacks has a rich heritage and was established in 1937. Over the past 88 years A.O. Speight has continued to provide a wide range of industrial solutions and are specialists in working at heights. We have decades of experience in working at heights and have developed the right skills in areas which are considered difficult or requires highly trained teams in safety procedures needed for working at great heights. During 2015, A.O.Speight Steeplejacks ownership changed which allowed the business to scale up to serve a larger network of clients through maintenance planning and key construction projects. We are proud of our portfolio of clients in the industrial, refinery, mining, energy and pulp industries including Sapref, Engen, Anglo American, Huletts, Illovo and Impala Platinum to name a few, and we have an established track record of projects completed accross various African countries. We have developed strong partnerships with our clients and continue to provide annual audits and inspections to offer preventative planning and maintenance for our clients.

AO Speight (PTY) Ltd




Eduard Ferreira




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